Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Most Burning Questions

How far are you from Tamarindo beach and what are my options for transportation?

We are an 8-minute drive to Tamarindo beach. We recommend renting a car to get around Costa Rica. However, there are also options to golf car rentals, ATVs and scooters/motor bikes.

Uber is also fairly available at this location and you can also easily grab a local taxi (called Collectivo), right outside the community.

Ask us for recommendations if you are looking to rent a car or get a taxi!

Are there any restaurants, super markers or services nearby?

Yes! Across the street, there is a large super marker called Mega Super. If has a delicious ready made food section for great value! There are also several local Costa Rican restaurants (called Sodas), a ceviche restaurant and bakery and coffee shop.

Across the street there is also a plaza with a pharmacy, Liberty kiosk (a phone company where you can get a local SIM card) and several shops.

What is the closest airport and what are my transportation options?

The closest airport is in Liberia, which is 75 min away. Check-out Tamarindo Shuttles for shared and private pick-up and drop-off options. Fees are typically $25 per person (if there are minimum 3 other passengers). They only accept cash so please be prepared!

There are car rental companies at this airport, but we also recommend you check out Alliance Car Rental (link: https://www.facebook.com/AllianceCarRental) and reach out to Javier  at +506-8318-0088. Make sure to mention that you got referred through the Encanto community for best pricing. They can arrange a car to be ready for you at any location you need.

Do you accept long term rentals?

Yes we are open to long term rentals as well! Please reach out to us directly if you would like to arrange a showing, a virtual tour or to discuss the options based on the length of your desired stay.

How strong and reliable is your wifi?

We offer fiber optic internet at 1000MBPS speed. This is the fastest plan that is offered. We also have a secondary back-up provider if we ever need. There is also wifi at the pool and gazebo area to ensure you remain connected when you need.

Is this a gated community and is the parking area within the gate?

Yes, Encanto is a gated community. We will provide you a code to open the gate manually as well as a fob for your car if you need. The parking lot is located within the gate.

Are there security cameras on the property?

Yes, for your protection and for the safety of our guests and tenants, there are security cameras in common areas such as the parking lot, pool area, outside the laundry center and other common walkways.

Do you have access to a washer and dryer?

There is a laundry room on site. We offer free access to guests staying 5 nights or longer. Guests staying 4 nights or less have the option to pay to access the laundry center.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed on the property.